Get A World-Class Beginning Adult Ballet Education From Home... With Any Day Ballet!

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How Does "Any Day Ballet" Compare To Other Dance Programs?

Better Value AND Less Expensive Than

In-Studio Or Live-Streamed Classes!

In Studio & Live Stream Classes

For Beginners

Limited Class Schedules...

No Classes Starting For Months...

Pay For Every Class,

Even If You Miss Them...

Low Quality Audio & Video...


Semester Of Classes

Any Day Ballet

For Beginners

Class Times On YOUR Schedule!

Flexible Pacing That Puts

YOU In Control!

Freedom To Rewatch Lessons As Many Times As You Want!

Pay Once For LIFETIME Access!

HD Audio + Video Quality!

Invitation To Private Coaching Group!


Lifetime Access!

Private Lessons

For Beginners

Good, But Very Expensive...

Hard To Find High-Quality Beginning Ballet Teachers...

Class Times Limited To Morning Hours When Studios Are Not In Use...

Not Practical For Casual Learning...


6 Private Lessons

What Do You Get When You Enroll?

The Magic Ingredients To Transform Yourself Into A Ballet Dancer...

6 Instructional ballet class videos
6 ballet class practice  exercises videos

    You'll get immediate LIFETIME access to my 6 best beginning ballet lessons, which you can access ON-DEMAND! Each video runs between 60 and 80 minutes, and can be taken as many times as you need to master the material inside!


    To help you truly master the basics of ballet, our handy study guide will make sure you never feel lost of confused by the terms we use in class. You'll be speaking like a ballet dancer in no time!


    Unlike traditional ballet lessons in a dance studio, you'll have COMPLETE control over the pace of your learning on your own schedule! You can access these lessons 24/7, day or night, whenever you want to!



    I'll help keep you focused and motivated on your education journey and help you grow however I can! We host weekly live coaching sessions with QNAs and real time ballet demonstrations. Plus you'll make a bunch of new ballet friends!

What Are My Students Saying?

Amanda W.

Virginia Beach, VA

New Beginning Dancer

​"None of my local dance schools are open right now. I didn't think I'd be able to learn ballet until they opened, but I've gotten started with Any Day Ballet and I already feel like a ballet dancer."

Ginelle H.

San Diego, CA

Past Dancer

"I spent a few years dancing ballet when I was younger, but haven't been into a studio in ages. Now, my daughter and I have been taking the course together and we're learning so much. She loves it!"

Laura D.

Clearwater, FL

New Beginning Dancer

"I'm a bit older and just getting started with dance, I wanted something that would keep me active but not too intense. Every lesson is nicely paced and I saw progress very quickly."

Shaquana M.

Anapolis, MD

Returning Dancer

​"I studied ballet for years and then stopped dancing for years. I took this as a refresher course and it's excellent, but I've learned so much more than I ever remember learning in my original classes. Elizabeth's command of detail is extraordinary, she is a master teacher."

Natalee J.

Dallas, TX

New Beginning Dancer

"What I love about this video ballet course is the way the instructor, Elizabeth, breaks down everything into fascinating detail. And her delivery is so perfect for the way I learn. I highly recommend this course!"

Kristyn O.

Los Angeles, CA

Retirning Dancer

"This isn't just the best video ballet class I've ever had, this is the best ballet class I've ever had PERIOD! I can't believe how much information was imparted in even the first hour, and the classes go by so quickly! Seriously, this course rules."

LOVE It Or Your Money BACK!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

"If Any Day Ballet doesn't give you a great ballet education from home, if it doesn't help improve your flexibility, strength, balance and posture, and if you don't enjoy your time learning with us, you can get a full refund within 30 days of your purchase!"

Elizabeth Chayer

Director, American Dance Institute

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